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Where there is No Will: Letters of Administration

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Letters of Admin

If a deceased does not have a Will prior to his death, the personal representative is called an Administrator.

Where a person passes away without leaving behind a will, the next of kin can apply to the court  for Letters of Administration. These Letters of Administration serve as a court order authorising a person to be appointed as the administrator to administer the estate and distribute the assets in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

The administration process is primarily directed by the Probate and Administration Act and the Intestate Succession Act.

A Grant of Letters of Administration is a court order officially recognizing and giving powers to the next-of-kin to carry out the duties according to the Intestate Succession Act, Chapter 146.

Banks and insurance companies require the Grant of Letters of Administration before allowing any closure of accounts or transfer of ownership of assets.

The main documents required to apply for Letters of Administration in Singapore are:

  1. Death certificate (please indicate the religion of the deceased);
  2. Full name, IC number and contact number of next-of-kin applying the court order;
  3. Full names, IC numbers and date of birth of all the beneficiaries;
  4. “Schedule of Assets” providing details of assets owned by the deceased.

For estate of less than $3 million without any minor beneficiaries, it takes about 2 months to complete if Schedule of Assets is readily available.  If “Schedule of Assets” is not available, one additional month is required to complete the process.

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