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The 7 Benefits of writing a Will

by | Feb 18, 2018

If you die without a Will, your assets will not be distributed according to your wishes. Rather, your assets will be distributed in accordance with the percentages prescribed by law according to Section 7 of the Intestate Succession Act.

As such, it is be advisable for you to do a Will.

The 7 benefits of writing a Will:

  1. Clear intention: Decide on who are your beneficiaries and how much should they receive.
  2. Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have a proper plan in place will allow you and your family to feel more at ease. Without a will, you may have fears about how future affairs will be handled.
  3. Trust: Appoint someone you trust to carry out your wishes.
  4. Guardians: Appoint guardians to take care of the minors (below the age of 21).
  5. Avoid Family Disputes: As the instructions have been clearly stated in the Will, the risk of disputes can be minimised.
  6. Specify funeral wishes: Specifying your funeral wishes in your Will gives clear directions to your loved ones (e.g. burial vs. cremation)
  7. Expedite Legal Process – Generally, as there is a Will, it takes a shorter time and less legal fees to apply for Grant of Probate.

For more information on the contents of a Will and info-graphics, go to Wills РWho and What?

What happens if you die without a Will? Check our info-graphics on Sec 7 of the Instestate of Succession Act.

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